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12 February 2020A Child of Six Could Do It Cartoonists view of Modern Art
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20 January 2021Healing Stitches: Therapeutic Needlecrafts at Times of Conflict
17 February 2021London Underground by Design
17 March 2021Memorial for the Women’s Suffrage Movement

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A Child of Six Could Do It
Cartoonists view of Modern Art
Barry Venning Wednesday 12 February 2020

Modern art is often considered difficult, but it is much less so when seen through the eyes of some of the greatest cartoonists of the last one hundred and fifty years, who provide a humorous and sceptical but instructive guide to modern art from Courbet to the Britart of the 1990s. A chance to enjoy the insights and cartoons of (among others) Daumier, Larry, Thelwell, Matt, the wise guys at the New Yorker magazine and, of course, the immortal Giles. Collectively, they provide an absorbing, illuminating and, above all, a funny, revealing and sidelong view of 150 years of modern art.