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12 September 2018Master drawing Close up: Silver point to laser cut.
04 October 2018Society Luncheon Celebrating our Golden Anniversary. As Good as Gold.
10 October 2018The influence of the Japanese Print on Western Painting.
07 November 2018Modern Architecture
16 January 2019Lover, Teacher, Muse - or Rival Couples in Modern British Art
13 February 2019Leonardo Da Vinci: Pathfinder of Science.
13 March 2019Bernard Leach and his influence on 20th century Studio Ceramics

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Master drawing Close up: Silver point to laser cut. Susan Owens Wednesday 12 September 2018

What is silverpoint drawing? How can you tell the difference between a quill and a reed pen? This lecture looks in detail at the materials and techniques used by some of the greatest masters, including Leonardo, Raphael, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. It also explores innovative contemporary drawings made by laser cutting, pricking, rubbing and tearing.