TAS trails benefit children visiting churches by aiding their understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage. The trails are fun and interesting with the youngsters becoming detectives sifting clues provided, adding their responses in written or numerical form or drawing the images before them. In-depth answer sheets for accompanying teachers and adults supply the answers.

TAS Stafford is gradually adding to the number of churches providing these TAS trails across the country. To date we have created trails for primary school children at St. Mary’s Stafford, Holy Trinity Eccleshall and more recently St. Michael and St. Wulfad Stone. The most recent trail, handed over in 2015, is at St. John's. Barlaston. The team there included Tony Barnard, Helen Holmes, Pam and Alan Cartwright, supported by the Rector and Liz Dancey (Advisor for Church Trails in West Midlands and West Mercia). Pam Cartwright designed the publications and Jack Barber provided the publication printing.

We have translated a special TAS Stafford version of the trail at St. Mary’s into French and are in the process of adding German and Italian for the benefit of students studying these languages in secondary schools and the wider public visiting from our twinned towns.

If you are interested in church architecture as well as all the different artefacts within created in glass, textiles, wood, ceramics and metal then you might consider volunteering to make a trail with friends for your local church. The team are always on the lookout for churches which have an interesting building/contents/good catchment area re primary schools. If you think you know a church that would be interested please get in contact with Lesley Brandon or our Chairman, Jack Barber via