Stafford DFAS Young Arts

offer support and encourage art ventures in our community.

The Arts Society Stafford Young Arts working with the new Stafford Library organised a Big Draw event for 2015.  The Big Draw, the worlds largest drawing festival, had a theme of Every Drawing Tells a Story.  So our theme was The Story of Stafford, told through drawings of the town centre’s architecture through the ages.  The buildings ranged from St. Chad’s Church to the new library and county council buildings.

We organised four, two hour, workshops on the first four Saturdays of October and invited children from ages 7 to 13 to take part.   First the children were given a history of Stafford by looking at photographs of various buildings.  Then they each selected a photo that they wanted to draw.  Under the guidance of Pam Cartwright and Linden Gill, two experienced art teachers, the children were taught to use various drawing equipment and how to scale up their subject.  Each child was given an, I’m a Big Draw Artist” certificate and their work has been transferred to the large digital screen in the library.

Please click to see some of their pictures.

The response from children and their parents was very positive.  The children, learned some new drawing techniques, a bit about the history of the buildings of Stafford and they had a chance to explore the new library.  They wanted to know if we would come back and hold a workshop every week.

Pamela Graham

Young Arts Organiser, Stafford DFAS

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